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Gyeongin National University of Education
· Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education
(Intensive major course in English Education)


Joongdae Elementary School

English Teacher, Broadcasting Manager
Seoul, Korea
Sep. 2016 – In progress

  • Provided students with personalized evaluations and e-learning activities for a maximum of 1500 vocabulary words per year through a home learning system and in-class activities.
  • Developing educational activities and teaching materials; sharing and uploading materials to an elementary instructor online community (IndiSchool)
  • Implementing ‘Arrow English,’ an English learning system (Korean and Japanese patents) in teaching processes. Appling the English native speakers’ thought structure method to teach language structure and expressions in English.
  • Operating and managing all broadcasting software programs and machines within the school. Producing
    manuals for reference in case of failure. Performing overall monitoring and evaluation.

Wangbuk Elementary School

Science and Music Teacher
Seoul, Korea
Apr. – July 2016

Paju Geumneung Elementary School

Homeroom Teacher, Multicultural Integration Education Manager
Paju, Korea
Mar. 2015 – Feb. 2016

  • Applied PDC (Positive Discipline in the Classroom) philosophy for class management system
  • Utilized ‘Classting’ to share daily learning status and class materials with parents and students; reflected parents’ live opinions via Classting in activities in real-time
  • Implemented collaborative learning activities such as Jigsaw, group investigations, and STAD
  • Studied Cornell Note Organization, Kodaly hand signs, PBL (problem-based learning), visual thinking, and traditional poetry (as character development)
  • Produced and developed multicultural integration teaching materials for all teachers
    ; distributed practice sheets, videos, and PowerPoint slides to all classes in the school.


Future Class Network Flipped Classroom camp 

DS School: Data Science Introductory class

  • Learned basic data examination through Pandas and matplotlib and data visualization through Seaborn.
  • Practiced machine learning data prediction using Scikit-learn, Decision Tree, Random Forest.

Elementary English Research Society : Lecturer, researcher
2016 – In progress

  • Training elementary teachers in Korea (in “Adding games to English”) as a lecturer
  • Participating in improving English instruction through Arrow English learning method
  • Developing English-language curriculum and study tools for in-school distribution based on the thinking structure of native speakers of English

Thought Organizing Skill Academy

  • Completed mindmap course by Juhwan Bock, author of “Thought Organizing Skill”
  • Underwent logical reasoning training using ESTsoft mindmap software (MindMaple)

Happy Classrooms through 1-2-3 Magic

  • Completed a student-life guidance program
  • Participated in a refinement review of the Korean version of the book “1-2-3 Magic in the Classroom;” wrote recommendation for the book

PDC (Positive Discipline in the Classroom) Research Society

  • Learned theoretical basis of PDC and shared examples of real-world applications
  • Researched PDC-enacted class management and designed methods and activities

Wemade G.I.V.E. 
project & volunteer member
June- Aug. 2013

Global Dream Challengers Contest
Sponsored by KOSAF (Korea Student Aid Foundation)
Dec. 2012 – Feb. 2013

  • Member of a winning team in a contest with a 1:200 success rate
  • Studied Korean culture and career education at Korean schools in Wiesbaden, Munich, and Mainz
  • Visited Grundschule Sauerland elementary school and interviewed principal; visited Evangelische Erlöser Kirche, a related kindergarten, to experience curriculum that included both handicapped and non-handicapped students in the classroom


Guldari (Underpass) Sharing Missionary Work
Nov. 2018 – In progress

  • Met bi-weekly with 70–100 homeless people and elderly citizens living alone
  • Worked with Bundang Somang Church-affiliated doctors; shared medical goods, financial support, and snacks in underpass

Education Volunteer in Ethiopia
Aug. 2017

  • Participated in short-term children’s education project in Ethiopia’s Ayertena region; managed and taught classes as a lecturer
Volunteer work story in Ethiopia
ⓒHyejin Hwang

Cooking Therapy Education Volunteer
Aug. 2012

Pictures of the activity are not uploaded in order to protect children’s privacy
  • Assisted emotionally vulnerable children affected by family abuse through a local government’s social rehabilitation program, the Korea Cooking Psychotherapy Association

Family Volunteering with Senior Citizens Living Alone

  • Provided coal briquettes and subsidies to the elderly living alone through the proceeds of the annual project “Sharing Market”

Bundang-Jungang High School Career Mentoring
Jan. 2013

  • Mentored high school students who wished to become teachers
  • Lectured on the basic principles of instructional design, educational philosophy, and provided commentary on the national curriculum of Korea

Education for hearing-impaired children – Samsung Sorisaem Welfare Center
June – July 2013

  • Educated hearing-impaired children (5–7 years of age) as an assistant educator


Global Dream Challengers Contest
– Sponsored by KOSAF (Korea Student Aid Foundation)
Jan. 2013

  • Won $9,000 scholarship
  • Granted “Best Activity Award” following activity report presentation at the headquarters of KOSAF.


“I Don’t Want to Be the Same-old Educator” Preservice Teachers Subin Jang, Yoonjin Jo, and HyeJin Hwang Visit European Countries” 
Dong-A Ilbo (Mar 13, 2013)

“Gyeongin Bridge lecture at Korean Language School in Bisbaden”
Kyopo News (Feb 27, 2013)

“Wemade, ‘Wemade G.I.V.E.’ Communication Time with Family ‘Family Runner’ Progression”
Korean Economics (Aug 26, 2013)