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Gyeongin National University of Education Elementary Education
Mar. 2010 – Feb. 2014 

  • Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education
  • Intensive major course in English Education


Joongdae Elementary School : English Teacher, Broadcasting Manager
Seoul, Korea
Sep. 2016 – In progress

  • Designing, testing, implementing, and managing a multi-level vocabulary enrichment project using web-based softwares for two years. Provided students with personalized evaluations and e-learning activities for a maximum of 1500 vocabulary words per year through a home learning system and in-class activities.
  • Developing
    educational activities and teaching materials; sharing and uploading materials to an elementary instructor online community (IndiSchool)
  • Implementing ‘Arrow English,’ an English learning system (Korean and Japanese patents) in teaching processes. Appling the English native speakers’ thought structure method to teach language structure and expressions in English.
  • Operating and managing all broadcasting software programs and machines within the school. Producing
    manuals for reference in case of failure. Performing overall monitoring and evaluation.

Wangbuk Elementary School : Science and Music Teacher
Seoul, Korea
Apr. – July 2016

Seoul Public Elementary School Teacher Employment Candidate Selection Examination
Jan. 2016
Seoul, Korea

  • Accepted and assigned to Gangdong Songpa Distict Office of Education

Paju Geumneung Elementary School :
Homeroom Teacher, Multicultural Integration Education Manager
Paju, Korea
Mar. 2015 – Feb. 2016

  • Applied PDC (Positive Discipline in the Classroom) philosophy for class management system
  • Utilized ‘Classting’ to share daily learning status and class materials with parents and students; reflected parents’ live opinions via Classting in activities in real-time
  • Implemented collaborative learning activities such as Jigsaw, group investigations, and STAD
  • Studied Cornell Note Organization, Kodaly hand signs, PBL (problem-based learning), visual thinking, and traditional poetry (as character development)
  • Produced and developed multicultural integration teaching materials for all teachers
    ; distributed practice sheets, videos, and PowerPoint slides to all classes in the school.

Gyeonggi-do Public Elementary School Teacher Employment
Jan. 2015

Candidate Selection  Candidate Selection Examination
Gyeonggi-do Province, Korea

  • Accepted and assigned to Paju District Office of Education


Future Class Network Flipped Classroom camp : Attendant
Oct. 2018

  • Received training in activities for a flipped learning environment

DS School: Data Science Introductory class
Aug. 2018

  • Learned basic data examination through Pandas and matplotlib and data visualization through Seaborn.
  • Practiced machine learning data prediction using Scikit-learn, Decision Tree, Random Forest.

Elementary English Research Society : Lecturer, researcher
2016 – In progress

  • Training elementary teachers in Korea (in “Adding games to English”) as a lecturer
  • Participating in improving English instruction through Arrow English learning method
  • Developing English-language curriculum and study tools for in-school distribution based on the thinking structure of native speakers of English

Thought Organizing Skill Academy
Aug. 2016

  • Completed mindmap course by Juhwan Bock, author of “Thought Organizing Skill”
  • Underwent logical reasoning training using ESTsoft mindmap software (MindMaple)

Happy Classrooms through 1-2-3 Magic
July 2016

  • Completed a student-life guidance program
  • Participated in a refinement review of the Korean version of the book “1-2-3 Magic in the Classroom;” wrote recommendation for the book

PDC (Positive Discipline in the Classroom) Research Society
2015 – 2016

  • Learned theoretical basis of PDC and shared examples of real-world applications
  • Researched PDC-enacted class management and designed methods and activities

Wemade G.I.V.E. :project & volunteer member
June- Aug. 2013

  • Selected as a member of social contribution campaign by Wemade (online and mobile game software company)
  • Helped host a local festival called “Family Runner Project” for local residents

Global Dream Challengers Contest – Sponsored by KOSAF (Korea Student Aid Foundation)
Dec. 2012 – Feb. 2013

  • Member of a winning team in a contest with a 1:200 success rate
  • Studied Korean culture and career education at Korean schools in Wiesbaden, Munich, and Mainz
  • Visited Grundschule Sauerland elementary school and interviewed principal; visited Evangelische Erlöser Kirche, a related kindergarten, to experience curriculum that included both handicapped and non-handicapped students in the classroom


Guldari (Underpass) Sharing Missionary Work
Nov. 2018 – In progress

  • Met bi-weekly with 70–100 homeless people and elderly citizens living alone
  • Worked with Bundang Somang Church-affiliated doctors; shared medical goods, financial support, and snacks in underpass

Education Volunteer in Ethiopia
Aug. 2017

  • Participated in short-term children’s education project in Ethiopia’s Ayertena region; managed and taught classes as a lecturer

Cooking Therapy Education Volunteer
Aug. 2012

  • Assisted emotionally vulnerable children affected by family abuse through a local government’s social rehabilitation program, the Korea Cooking Psychotherapy Association

Family Volunteering with Senior Citizens Living Alone

  • Provided coal briquettes and subsidies to the elderly living alone through the proceeds of the annual project “Sharing Market”

Bundang-Jungang High School Career Mentoring
Jan. 2013

  • Mentored high school students who wished to become teachers
  • Lectured on the basic principles of instructional design, educational philosophy, and provided commentary on the national curriculum of Korea

Education for hearing-impaired children – Samsung Sorisaem Welfare Center
June – July 2013

  • Educated hearing-impaired children (5–7 years of age) as an assistant educator


Global Dream Challengers Contest– Sponsored by KOSAF (Korea Student Aid Foundation)
Jan. 2013

  • Won $9,000 scholarship
  • Granted “Best Activity Award” following activity report presentation at the headquarters of KOSAF.


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Feb 27, 2013

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