Interview video with Dr.Paul Kim : Assistant Dean & CTO of Stanford University

ⓒ Video edited by. Hyejin Hwang

Dr.Paul Kim (his profile) is an innovator in education who has been my role model ever since I encountered his past works from his book “Future of Education: Coaching, not Teaching.” I sincerely admired his dedication and consistent passion for education.

I gathered my nerve to approach him at the “e-Learning Korea : International Conference.” Luckily, I got a chance to have a brief talk and greet him. (By then, I could not even imagine I would meet him outside the COEX conference hall!) After he went back to California, I reached him again via email. I wrote a short letter of appreciation for my ideas about the education system and the EdTech field in South Korea. To my astonishment, after exchanging a few emails going back and forth, he messaged me that he would like to meet me in Korea again.

Spending several hours to talk with my best role model was a surreal moment for me. He encouraged me on my ultimate goal : designing a new education model that personalizes the learning pathway for the students, which was indeed uplifting for me.

I also asked him for an interview video for my students and he gladly accepted my request without hesitation. My students were using “Stanford SMILE” which Dr. Kim devised, and relayed their questions to Dr.Kim about how he came to develop such a program and about his personal life story. The video above includes his answers to the 13 questions!

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