6 years of Nanum;Sharing Market (2013 ~ 2018)

To raise fund for the volunteering works, me and my friends in the church youth group held an event called “Nanum; Sharing Event” annually. It was organized as a form of a cafe, concert, bazaar, and food booths.
Since I have been a youth group leader for six years, I was the one who led this event from the planning to the practice every year. It was at first quite challenging to devise this vast annual fundraising project. But year by year I started to enjoy this ‘blood, sweat, tears requiring event’ and even was thrilled to see how we managed to help people in need with the funds we earned through this “Sharing Events.”

“The Nanum Cafe”

(“The Nanum” means “Share more” in Korean)

“One-Day Sharing Cafe”

Sharing Cafe : “Wings to the elderly!”

“Sharing Cafe”

“Love Sharing Bazaar”

“Chung’s Kitchen”

One Reply to “6 years of Nanum;Sharing Market (2013 ~ 2018)”

  1. 모아서 보니까 또 새롭네요 ♡♡♡
    늘 말도 많고 부딪히는것도 많았는데 그래도 하는 날과 끝난후에는 항상 감사하고 좋았던 행사인거같아요 ㅎㅎ


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