Future classroom network and lecture about “Apple | TED | NatGeo Certified Teacher”

Digging into the field of EduTech and find out the ideal education model, I happened to encounter “FCN : Future Class Network” in South Korea, which was selected as one of the most inspiring, innovative schools worldwide by hundrED.
(reference : How can teachers be supported to implement change in their classrooms? – Future Class Network)

Jung, Chanpil, former KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) documentary Producer and now Secretary General in FCN, was the first person to introduce the notion of flipped learning model to the public in Korea. After his documentary film “The 21st Century Educational Revolution – Finding Future Classrooms” made a massive hit, he resigned from one of the jobs making best salary in Korea and transferred to the arena of Education. He co-founded an alternative school called “FCN Learning Lab-Keokuro Class” (in English, “Flipped Class”). Demolishing the separation of grade, time table and integrating the subjects with the real-life situation, students in this school have taken part in the projects rather than memorizing and learning the materials within the textbook.

It was fascinating to see how student-centered the program was. I looked for the way to experience this ingenious program, so I enrolled in a camp and lecture of FCN.

   09:40~09:50 ‣ 등록   
   10:00~10:40 ‣ 아이스브레이킹   
   10:50~11:30 ‣ The Classic(수학)   
   11:40~12:20 ‣ 거꾸로교실 수업채우기 / 교과 체험
   12:20~13:20   점심식사   
   13:20~14:00 ‣ 거꾸로교실 수업채우기 / 교과 체험 
   14:10~15:00 ‣ 디딤수업 제작 및 미래교실네트워크 플랫폼 활용   
   15:10~16:20 ‣ 배움장터
   16:30~17:30 ‣ 21세기 교육혁명의 방향(정찬필 사무총장)
   이후 시간(자율) ‣ 거꾸로다방   

Excerpt of camp schedule

In this camp, teachers of FCN made presentations about how they tried to make the best of students’ learning by leveraging the benefits of flipped learning. And also, teachers who attended this camp could experience some example classroom activities that can be used in the flipped learning environment.

Me (with the yellowish green knitwear and white skirt.)
Experiencing some games that can be implemented in the classrooms settings.
Discussion about ‘How to compose a blended learning environment in the Math class’.

And after few weeks later, a course about ‘Apple, National Geographic, TED certified teacher’ was opened in FCN. I was curious about why and how these organizations were investing and implementing in terms of education. Additionally, I wanted to find out some materials, international conferences, connections that certified teachers can experience.

You can browse the related webpage by clicking the pictures below.

Below is a mindmap I wrote down in order to record the contents of the lesson.

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