Excerpt of Broadcasting Manual in JD Elementary School

 Back in 2016 when I first got assigned to the Joongdae Elementary school as a public teacher in Seoul, I was appointed as a English teacher and one more, broadcasting manager in the school, who is in charge of all the broadcasting facilities in school such as mixing console, video switcher and converters, audio broadcast control software and devices, camera, all sorts of cables…. and the like.

 There were so many things I had to get used to, but surprisingly, there were no such things like guidelines or manual book for managing devices and programs. (No way!)

 I thought setting up the system for operating and maintaining the gadgets was imperative for this school. So I started to make a manual book which included several steps to install acoustic apparatus and to cope with the unexpected breakdown of devices, while learning to handle these gadgets and software programs by myself with the help of outsourcing broadcasting company(Daesung system). 

 Pictures below are the excerpts of manual book I made.

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